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A to Z: High Integrity Leadership


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Prepared by Becky Ripley and Kittie Watson

This book of quotations, questions and images is designed to help develop positive leadership behaviors. No matter where a person sits in an organization, the prompts and probes help readers embrace their best leadership behaviors and make direct applications to their everyday work environments. The book serves as a reminder to become the leader others seek and want to follow.

The A to Z book was originally designed as a holiday gift for clients from the Innolect community to inspire leaders and to reinforce our vision: better the world by growing leaders and building creative, high integrity workplaces. Our response has been so positive that we are offering it to others.

The book is ideal for trainers, consultants, coaches and leaders who want to:

  • Reinforce high Integrity leadership principles.
  • Offer a take-away at the end of a leadership development training program.
  • Remind employees of what high-integrity leadership looks like day-to-day.

May you lead with vision and purpose!

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