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Advocacy/Inquiry Skill Inventory

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by Kittie Watson, Ph.D. and Larry Barker, Ph.D.
In the past, leaders and managers were rewarded for their advocacy skills or directed workers by telling them what to do and how to do it. Today’s best leaders and managers have learned the value of asking for input, recognizing contributions and listening to what workers have to say about improving key processes, products, and services.

In our work with clients around the world, we noticed many leaders lack understanding about and how to balance advocacy and inquiry skills. Most are trained to be advocates and are rewarded and valued for their ability to argue and persuade. The reward system has led many managers to develop an abundance of advocacy communication skills while inquiry skills are under-developed).

To help define the behaviors, we developed the Advocacy/Inquiry Skill Inventory (AISI).  This instrument is designed to help participants assess the key elements of advocacy and inquiry skills. Participants learn how initiating communication, being direct, comprehending others, and respecting other’s preferences can help or hinder relationships with others.

The AISI is easy to use and has been administered with thousands of government, financial services, pharmaceutical, utility and insurance industry employees. Participants quickly score and receive immediate feedback on their preferences for using advocacy and inquiry skills. The twenty-item, self-contained format allows for easy administration.

  • The self-scoring assessment includes:
    • Assessment
    • Self-scoring answer form
    • Advocacy-Inquiry skill inventory grid
    • Advocacy-Inquiry interpretation sheet

The AISI facilitator guide provides trainers, consultants and individuals with a better understanding of Advocacy and Inquiry behaviors. It provides details on how the AISI was developed and validated and how to best administer it. Learn how to incorporate the inventory in communication, management, and leadership workshops.

The facilitator guide is now in a spiral-bound book. New photo coming soon.

*When purchasing more than one copy of the AISI Online Assessments, an email will be sent after purchase that includes a link and code to be used for the number of attempts purchased.


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