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Advocacy/Inquiry Skill Inventory – Online (2-9 attempts) *


*When purchasing the LPP Online Assessments, an email will be sent after purchase that includes a coupon code to be used for the number of attempts purchased.

The Advocacy/Inquiry Skill Inventory (AISI) is designed to help you assess and better understand how you balance the key elements of advocacy and inquiry skills in your communication with others. By answering the questions, you will learn how initiating communication, being direct, comprehending others, and respecting other’s preferences can help or hinder relationships.

Single attempts – $17.95 each
Multiples of 10 attempts – $169.95 per 10
Multiples of 100 attempts – $1599.95 per 100

NOTE: Please purchase any number of single attempts, 10 attempts, or 100 attempts, but do not purchase groupings of the three quantities. The total number of attempts you receive will be a multiple of the quantity times the package quantity. For example, purchasing three groups of 10 gives you 30 attempts, or two groups of 100 gives you 200 attempts). It is not currently possible to combine, for example, a single attempt and a group of 10 attempts to make an 11 attempt package. It is possible, however, to purchase 11 individual attempts.

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