Communications Preference Profile

Communication Preference Profile

Communications Preference Profile

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by Michelle K. Johnston, Ph.D.; Larry L. Barker, Ph. D.; and Kittie W. Watson, Ph. D.

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The All New Communication Preference Profile (CPP)

Would you like to improve your performance at the office ? Do you wonder why there are daily breakdowns between individuals, groups, and generations when trying to accomplish your goals?

The all-new Communication Preference Profile is a quick and easy inventory that identifies four habitual communication styles: People, Action, Content, and Technology. After answering the 20 questions, you will learn about your strengths as a communicator and your opportunities for improvement.

This inventory is also useful when taken with your work team. Your team will learn about each others’ communication strengths (and challenges) and how to work together more effectively to accomplish its team and organizations’ goals.

The twenty- item, self-contained format allows for easy administration. Self-scoring answer form, preference grid, and interpretation sheet provide participants with immediate feedback about communication preferences.

The Facilitator Guide (coming soon) helps trainers, consultants and individuals facilitate, administer, and/or interpret the Communication Preference Profile instrument. It provides details about the development of, research with, and guidelines for use of the CPP.


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