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Listening Bundle


Sample three of the most widely used listening tools for trainers, consultants, executive coaches and leaders on the market. Together these tools help individuals develop Listening Leader skills…the key to engage, develop and retain talent!

  • First, use the Listener Preference Profile (featured on ABCs 20/20) to assess your own listening preferences. Use the responses to better respond to those who listen differently than you do.
  • Second, read one of our 21 Days to Smarter Listening tips and daily practices to build new listening skills and enhance those you have. Each day includes a listening key and a “Try this Today” action.
  • Third, gain valuable insights from Listen Up, 2nd Edition. The first edition, on the Amazon BEST books in Listening list, offers skills, insights and practices to help you listen at your best (AND, get credit for it!)
1 × LPP Online Assessment (1 attempt)
Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × .75 in


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