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Snomodust – A Cross Cultural Simulation


by Debra Jacobs Hamby, MSOD and Kittie Watson, Ph.D. (enhanced by Carole Spitzack, Ph.D.).

Snomodust is an innovative cross-cultural simulation that offers an opportunity to confront differences in organizations in a manner that is provocative, practical, and fun. The result is greater individual and team effectiveness in working with other people and groups. Playing Snomodust will allow participants to communicate with culturally “different” people, experience how agreements about norms improve communications and understand how competent communication enhances workplace interaction. Participants may discover through the Snomodust simulation that their attitudes towards differences, whether at the individual or cultural level, compromise their relationships and their workplace effectiveness. After working with Snomodust, organizations will discover an enhanced capacity for navigating change and building top-performance teams.

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