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Stages of Vertical Development Videos

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Many of our clients are curious about the difference between vertical and horizontal development.

  • Horizontal development is growth when a person adds information, knowledge and insights to what they already know. In most instances when Innolect supports leaders to develop horizontally, we help them build their expertise and technical competencies to perform tasks more effectively.
  • Vertical development is expansion of growth capacity to a new stage. With vertical development, Innolect helps leaders think, see and apply their ability to handle complexity in new, adaptive and ever-changing environments.

As leaders develop vertical capacity, they build new capabilities and perspective-taking. With vertical growth, the stages build on each other and provides the potential to flex and adapt among stages.

Stages of Vertical Development

Group-centric (diplomat) – Focus on conforming to rules and norms of the organization or peers to belong or gain approval.

Skill-centric (expert) – Motivated to gain mastery, use expertise and build efficiency. Values logic and respects other experts.

Self-determining (achiever) – Driven to achieve goals, success and results to meet high standards set for themselves.

Self-questioning (individualist) – Concerned about meaning and purpose. Gains understanding of complexity in situations and seeks different interpretations and feedback to adjust behavior.

Self-actualizing (Strategist) – Links systems and principles to generate organizational and personal transformation. Appreciates differences within complexity and is sensitive to broader implications for growth and to make sense of the world.

Construct-aware (Magician) – Highly conscious of complexity and polarities of meaning making within systemic interactions and dynamic processes. Seeks personal transformation, embraces change and supports others’ growth to achieve global outcomes.

Do you want to:

  • Gain new insights and learn more about the various stages of adult development?
  • Have resources and tools for supporting both horizontal and vertical development across the stages?
  • Understand what differentiates one stage from another?
  • Learn how you can help others transition from one stage to another?

If your answer is YES, our new Adult Development webinar series designed by Barbara Braham, Ph.D. and Chris Wahl, M.A. Ed., MCC will help you satisfy your curiosity! They have recorded a two-part webinar for each of the five stages most commonly seen in leaders. You can choose one stage or several and listen as Barbara and Chris describe the stage and offer examples from their rich experience about how coaches and leaders can use a developmental approach in their work.

  • Part 1 of each series introduces you to the stage, common concerns of people at that stage and typical blind spots.
  • Part 2 covers tools and resources most useful for a person at that stage. Each session runs between 45 and 60 minutes.

The following webinars are available:

  • Group-centric (formerly Diplomat, stage 3)
  • Skill-centric (formerly Expert, stage 3/4)
  • Self-determining (formerly Achiever, stage 4)
  • Self-questioning (formerly Individualist/Pluralist, stage 4/5)
  • Self-actualizing (formerly Strategist, stage 5)

Barbara Braham and Chris Wahl are our expert facilitators and:

  • Are leading experts in Adult Development Theory and are two of only a handful of individuals who are certified to score and debrief the Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP).
  • Studied with Susanne Cook-Greuter who developed the Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF) and The Maturity Framework for Leaders as part of her research at Harvard University.
  • Are master-certified coaches through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Pricing and Access

Once you select a series, we will send you a link to watch and/or listen to that series.

Each link is good for 30 days.

  • Introductory 30-minute Adult Development Presentation $39.95
  • One webinar series is $200.
  • Each additional webinar series is $175.
  • The 5-series webinar set is $900.

For more information contact Barbara Braham, Ph.D..

*PLEASE NOTE: If purchasing any of the webinar series, a direct email with link(s) to watch the videos will be sent to the purchaser’s email directly.

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