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Sustainable Legacies: Corporate Partner’s Workbook


by Kittie W. Watson and Rebecca A. Ripley

“Rather than thinking about a legacy as the last stage of a person’s career, Sustainable Legaciesinvites companies to view legacy as a story being written each day of their working lives.”  Kittie Watson

Fortune 500 companies sponsor and invest millions of dollars to dedicated philanthropic, social responsibility and community volunteer activities. Most, if not all companies, fail to capture ROI opportunities for their volunteer efforts. While volunteerism offers “feel good” engagement for doing good, forward thinking organizations can maximize the ROI from volunteer programs by ensuring the greatest impact of their CSR investments.

Use the Sustainable Legacies®: Corporate Partner’s Workbook to guide you through a step-by-step process to build leadership capacity and dramatically strengthen employee and community engagement. The Corporate Partner’s Workbook includes:

  • worksheets,
  • templates and
  • examples.

The workbook helps companies launch volunteer Sustainable Legacies® programs to grow leaders, build employee engagement and contribute to communities. Learn how to strategically apply volunteer opportunities that match interests and close potential skill gaps.



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