"Us" versus "Them" - Innolect, Inc.

“Us” versus “Them”

These two short words used at work and in this painting have the power to divide and exclude. Pennsylvania artist Curt Miller compels us to ask, “Are we so different? How are we the same?”

While employees may resist diversity training, they are drawn to practical information about how to work with those who are different. They want effective work relationships and ask: “How can I get the attention of boomers, Gen-Xers or millennials? “How do I best engage those with disabilities? Why is gender still an issue? What makes it so hard to work with those who think or communicate differently? How can I best show respect for cultural differences while honoring my own uniqueness?”
In the midst of struggling with these issues, businesses are looking for new ways to solidify existing partnerships, attract new markets and position themselves for what’s next. Building diversity and inclusion as a pillar of your business strategy better prepares you to anticipate and design future-ready solutions.
Try the Do We Need a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy to determine the degree of inclusive alignment in your organization.