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Resilience: The Art of Knowing When to Swivel and Twist

Adversity, difficulties and disruptive changes help us build resiliency. During the last nine months, the pandemic has forced us to learn, adapt and anticipate how to do things differently.  And, like the old game of Twister, many businesses have shown us how crucial it is to change direction, swivel and reposition, by changing their approaches to meet the demands of changing times. They have discovered new ways of thinking and operating, solving problems, and overcoming unexpected challenges. 

Let’s consider two industries that found ways to reinvent and/or modify their service offerings successfully during the pandemic:

  • Airlines strategically removed seats from their aircraft and quickly converted from passenger planes to cargo planes. They helped meet the surging demands in ecommerce delivery of protective gear and kept their revenues on the plus side. And, now these airlines are readying their planes to deliver millions of doses of Covid-19 vaccines around the globe.
  • Restaurants, which were some of the hardest hit businesses, found an array of ways to bolster their income. Working with limited (and socially distant) staff, they began or improved and/or modified their delivery channels with curbside pick-up and home delivery capabilities. Other restaurants reequipped their facilities as “clean rooms” and offer private dining rooms with socially-distanced work spaces for business meetings s with privacy, WiFi, widescreen TVs, and meals.

There are countless stories of resilient business and nonprofit leaders who with their teams are implementing new innovative responses. Unfortunately, other organizational leaders have been caught in a cycle of doubt and uncertainty. Frozen by stress, fear and anxiety, many have closed their doors and filed for bankruptcy. Our rapid and ever-changing world requires leaders to act with courage, flexibility and resourcefulness.


Build Resilience

Resilience (the ability to rebound in a positive and constructive way to adversity, stress, and threats) is a vital leadership characteristic. And resilience is not just about swiveling to an approach or strategy. Sometimes it is about maintaining a good attitude and remaining hopeful during adversity.

The good news is that resilience can be intentionally developed and strengthened individually and in all levels of an organization. Resilience can be defined, explored, and practiced. One effective and proven way to build resilience is to work with an experienced executive coach. Innolect offers executive coaches and training that helps build greater resilience using current research, field-tested models as well as a structured process and plan with accountability. Our experience and knowledgeable insights helps assure higher levels of performance and success for you as a leader and for your team.


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As part of our own swivel during the pandemic, we at Innolect, Inc. expanded our online and remote services. Through our Build Your Virtual IQ℠ program, we can help you make resiliency a priority in your organization and in yourself. 


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