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Listening Workshops

Listen Up! Workshop

This Listen Up! workshop provides self-assessment, new knowledge, and skill practice.  Designed as a professional development opportunity, this workshop uses specific on-the-job situations, exercises, and examples  to apply the learning directly to professional and personal lives.


Participants will:

– Define active listening and areas of communication breakdown and misunderstanding.
– Diagnose and learn individual listening preferences, barriers, and habits in the classroom and beyond.
– Develop new, practical skills and techniques to improve listening including the OPEN-CHECK-CLOSE strategy.
– Learn strategies for getting others to listen more effectively.

Workshop Approach: 

– Facilitator uses highly interactive instructional strategies.
– Facilitator works to create open, non-threatening learning environment.
– Participants “learn by doing” and apply principles and strategies.
– Facilitator delivers personalized feedback by using time-tested assessment instruments, case studies, and role-play exercises.
– Facilitator uses principles of accelerated learning to maximize skills transfer.
– Participants will learn next steps for Listen Up! Certification.

What participants say…

  • “I can apply these ideas today . . .”
  • “I never knew listening was so difficult to master! — Why didn’t I take this program 15 years ago? . . .“
  • “Best workshop I’ve attended… really made me think!”
  • “This was one of the most engaging, informative, and “real” sessions I’ve ever heard…my team needs to hear this.”
  • “I can apply these ideas today . . . I know how to be more effective even after this overview program simply by practicing the listening behaviors I’ve learned!“
  • “You helped us take the next step as we create a legacy of listening across our entire organization.  The insights you shared with us will live forever through our leaders, our Associates, and the lives we touch as we bring healing to both the body and spirit of our patients and their families.”
  • “Everyone needs this program . . . the ideas help both in the office and at home.”

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