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Shake…Rattle…and Roll!!!

How long has it been since you shook a wrapped package to guess what was inside?

When was the last time you thought of something you wanted to do and put it off?

What was the last great idea you implemented?

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Poke the Box, Seth Godin’s first book in his new series for the Domino Project, cajoles the reader into:

  • Shaking things up,
  • Rattling the status quo and
  • Rolling with new ideas.

Poke the Box focuses on the 7th imperative, “. . .have the guts and the heart and the passion to ship.” Godin identifies the simple factor that separates successful individuals and businesses from those who languish. He highlights what separates exciting and growing organizations from those that stagnate and die. He encourages the reader to start, initiate, do good work, fail, display curiosity, say something, take the lid off, make a ruckus, build and GO.

Discover the difference between living as a Lizard Brain and a Dandelion. We, at Innolect, encourage you to read the book, consider your own courage and curiosity. . . and Poke the Box!

“There are two mistakes one can make on the road to truth. Not going all the way and not starting.” – Siddhartha Gautama