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Is Your Company’s Culture Effective?

As an executive, manager or leader, you know that company culture matters. Over the last few years, you have probably worked hard to establish an effective corporate culture. But how do you know if it’s “effective”? Is it really making a difference in your bottom line or in the lives of your employees?   Measure …

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Fostering Responsibility in Your Teams

Regardless of the size of a team or organization, nearly every leader expects people to step up and take 100% responsibility—for their own career, for their engagement, for driving innovation–on and on the list goes. However, few leaders consider what they need to do to help foster an environment where people take responsibility within their …

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Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging

The workplace, teams, and organizations are increasingly becoming more and more culturally, ethnically and individually diverse. In order to attract and retain top talent in this diverse workforce, it is critical to build a high-integrity environment where all employees are valued, involved, supported and respected. Below, we have outlined how Innolect’s inclusion and assessment services …

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