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5 Tips for Women in Leadership

Whether you are launching into your first leadership role or enjoying a well-deserved promotion, as a woman (especially a woman of color), it often feels like you need to prove yourself and your capabilities to your team. To boost your confidence and remind you that “You’ve got this,” we offer five success factors with tips …

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Leading With Emotional Intelligence

How would you rate your emotional intelligence (EI)? Defined as an awareness of your own and others’ emotions, it is also the ability to manage those emotions in ways that help others productively navigate difficult situations. It is a prerequisite for good leadership in that it helps you to deal with challenges and build relationships.  …

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Why Leaders Are Failing at Holding Ongoing Equity & Inclusion Dialogues

As you reflect on events over the last 18 months, what is top of mind? Besides Covid-19, we are reminded of political unrest, cyberattacks, natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, etc.), Afghanistan US withdrawal, climate change, supply chain disruptions and ongoing racial and social justice issues. This is not a very upbeat list, so we need …

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How Can Leaders Benefit from Being Kind?

Kind acts have distinct benefits for leaders. And with recent natural disasters, violence and tragedies across our nation and around the world, employees seek leaders who offer encouragement and kind acts to help renew the human spirit. Take a moment to choose an act of leadership kindness today. Make a donation, volunteer, send a note or do something unexpected.