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How to Help Managers Take Steps to Overcome Burnout

“I don’t have stress, but may be a carrier.” — Erma Bombeck As company leaders look for ways to turn the tide on the great resignation, one factor may have been overlooked: burnout. It not only contributes to an employee’s decision to leave, it also significantly impacts their health and wellness. According to a recent …

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How the Best Leaders Reduce Turnover and Increase Engagement

“Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say.” Andy Stanley
At the prospect of finding more satisfying work and/or better pay, 3.4 million people quit their jobs in April 2018. In fact, according to Gallup, 51% of employees are actively looking for new jobs or watching for new job openings. You may be saying to yourself, “Our employees are not in that percentage…or are they?”