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Sylviane Cannio

Senior Consultant / Executive Coach

Sylviane Cannio is one of the pioneers of coaching in Belgium with nearly 4,000 hours of coaching. She started by adopting a “coach attitude” while training executives (1994) and students at the university (University of Wales/teaching Corporate Strategy). She then, progressively implemented the coaching competencies with corporate teams and gained experience with teams in large and smaller organizations. In 2001, Sylviane pursued the basic and professional coaching programs at Mozaik, Paris and Lille and later with Alain Cardon. She also went through a pallet of programs on various tools, totaling more than 20 days of training per year: in NLP (she is Master-Practitioner), in Transactional Analysis (she followed classes until level 6), in Coaching across Cultures, MBTI, PCM, Team coaching, Neuro-Leadership & Sciences, Belbin, and many others.

Sylviane’s strong point is that she combines her management skills (at IBM, Proctor & Gamble, and smaller corporations), her knowledge of the corporate strategy, marketing, communication (that she was teaching at the university for 17 years) and her skills in psychology and in interpersonal communications.

She started to coach executives on an individual basis in 2002 and continued coaching teams. Today she works with CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and other members of Executive Committees, mainly in larger corporations such as Danone, Chartis Europe, Solvay, RTL Television, Dupuis, National Bank of Belgium, Sony, etc. Sylviane is one of the five Belgian master Certified Coaches, the highest international recognized certification level for coaching.

In 2010, she was Vice-President of the International Coach Federation (20,000 members in 110 countries) and part of the Global Board between 2008-2010. As former President of the Belgian Chapter of the ICF, she was the organizer of the European Coaching Conference of 2006.

Sylviane authored the book: ‘Communiquer avec Authenticité et Rester Vrai’ published by Eyrolles, Paris and co-authored the coaching best-seller: ‘Coaching Excellence’ now available in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Russian.

She is regularly invited as a keynote speaker by various authorities: European Commission, United Nations, International Coach Federation (USA, France, Spain, Belgium, Peru, Russia), and is accustomed to large audiences.