Bikki Randhawa, MBA, ACC - Innolect, Inc.

Bikki Randhawa, MBA, ACC

Executive Coach

Bikki Randhawa, an Executive Leadership Coach with Innolect Inc., works with leaders and emerging leaders to support and help unlock their leadership potential. Bikki views leadership coaching as a partnership between the leader and the coach with the engagement tailored to the unique growth areas of the individual. Bikki’s coaching supports the client’s goals for professional and personal growth and helps raise their self-awareness and insights by engaging clients in direct and purposeful conversations.

After a highly successful 30-year career in international development, including 20 years at the World Bank Group in Washington D.C., Bikki shifted her career to leadership coaching and development. Her passion for leadership coaching emerged from experiencing first-hand the positive impact that coaching can have on job effectiveness as well as career and personal growth. Having served as a manager and a member of executive management teams, she relates particularly well to new and seasoned leaders helping to address their specific leadership challenges and accelerate their success.  Bikki brings her unique strength of having lived in various countries to each coaching engagement as well as experience working with and in multicultural banking institutions. She appreciates the nuances of multicultural teams and complex working environments.

Certified by the International Coach Federation, Bikki graduated from Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership Program on Leadership Coaching where she studied Adult Development and Vertical Development theory. Grounded in specific meaning-making tools and resources, she applies stage coaching through training and mentorship from Barbara Braham within her coaching engagements. She is certified in the Leadership Circle Profile – 360- degree leadership effectiveness assessment and has been a meditation practitioner for over ten years.

Bikki holds an MBA from George Washington University and a BA in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University.

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