Carole Daruna, Ph.D - Innolect, Inc.

Carole Daruna, Ph.D

Senior Consultant / Executive Coach

Carole’s key strength is an ability to offer clarity without sacrificing complexity. This approach helps organizations navigate a corporate landscape that is dynamic, diverse, and often demands quick action. As a communication specialist on organizational cultures, Carole assists individuals and teams in managing change, strategizing professional development and sustaining business success in complex and global environments. She has worked with groups representing diverse cultural backgrounds. Clients are able to master the art of cultural integration, whether they are acclimating to US business practices or learning a new corporate culture due to mergers or changes in a company’s strategic vision.

As a coach, Carole enjoys changing the cultural climate of businesses. She helps clients analyze how their norms and practices undermine success. Together, they develop strategies for changing the culture through continuous learning and innovation. She particularly enjoys turning problems into opportunities, exchanging ideas, and fostering growth.

Carole is the founder of an innovative online consulting group and holds a Professorship in Tulane University’s prestigious Department of Communication, where she also served as chair. Her widely published work has been translated into Chinese and she has taught abroad. She has served on numerous educational panels, including the Senate Committee on Educational Policy. She also worked tirelessly to rebuild New Orleans after Katrina and supports multiple animal rescue and environmental organizations. Carole’s natural ability to figure out perplexing tasks was evident early in life. While still a young child, she perfected the art of walking on stilts.


VP, Utility Company

“You have had as much a role in the transition of our office as I did. Your coaching work with members of my group had a great impact on the entire team.”

CEO, Stewart Enterprises

“Your experience and expertise in communication has been a big help to us. Thanks for your help and support.”

VP, Fortune 100 Pharmaceuticals Company

“I appreciate the coaching work we have done together and see that it has prepared me for many challenges, making me a better leader.”