Jan Zmij, PCC - Innolect, Inc.

Jan Zmij, PCC

Executive Coach

JanAs a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and consultant, Jan helps people effectively navigate changes in their organizational and personal life. He believes that everything depends on our attitude and life condition and therefore can be changed. He specializes in professional development, coaching and mentoring.

Because of Jan’s firm belief that coaching is a significant aspect of one’s personal development process, he was elected as Vice President Chapter Czech of ICF (International Coach Federation) for the period of 2008-2010. Also, he holds the post of Vice President in an association Máme OtevÅ™eno (We are open), whose purpose is to integrate mentally handicapped people.

As Jan knows it is important to live a balanced life, he is committed to his loving family, plays ice hockey on the right wing and enjoys music as a drummer.