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Janice Criddle

Senior Consultant

Janice CriddleJanice Criddle, a Senior Consultant with Innolect, specializes in behavioral-based leadership development. She draws on more than 20 years of solid experience inside corporations and as an external consultant. She focuses on Organizational Development, Human Resources, Employee Relations, Affirmative Action, Valuing Diversity, Training and Development and Customer Service. Because of her deep knowledge and direct, straightforward style, Janice is a sought-after consultant, facilitator and coach—especially when clients need to dive into challenging issues.

Throughout her career, Janice maintained a focus on diversity and inclusivity. Her strategic planning facilitation with executive teams results in a work environment where all employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential. In support of those plans, she has developed and delivered workshops, facilitated focus groups, provided individual support through coaching and development plans, and been a keynote speaker.

As a practitioner, Janice’s years of hands-on experience further confirms her deep belief that skilled and adaptable leadership is vital to the success of any organization. As a certified coach, Janice ultimately delivers the message that for a leader to be truly successful, s/he must strive for a balance of knowledge and skills that addresses the essential triad of business operations, employee relations and customer satisfaction.

Janice’s expertise extends into the community where she has donated considerable time to two projects near and dear to her heart. College Bound, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing academic programs and services that prepare students for admission to and graduation from four-year institutions of higher learning, concentrates on the underserved, including but not limited to the African American community. In addition to seeing two of her own children complete College Bound, Janice has supported the organization for twelve years, providing staff development and course development and delivery. She has also worked as a pro bono consultant with Taproot Plus, an organization that connects nonprofits with skilled volunteers. These subject matter experts help clients achieve their goals faster by providing support and know-how where they need it most.

Given the social justice challenges that are on center stage in the country today, Janice uses her skills and frank facilitation style to help organizations discuss the undiscussables. Her ability to work through conflicts respectfully is especially valued. She is based in southern California.

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