Michael Fleming, Ed.D., SPHR - Innolect, Inc.

Michael Fleming, Ed.D., SPHR

Senior Consultant / Executive Coach

m_flemingMichael brings a unique combination of experience in operations, marketing, organization development and human resources. He has held senior management positions in healthcare, utilities, and education. He is a seasoned executive coach and consultant who brings a keen understanding of what it takes to develop strategy and achieve objectives.

Michael lived in Brazil for six years where he was COO of a midsize company, ran his own business and taught at the Federal University. He speaks fluent Portuguese and can communicate in Spanish. He has family that lives in Brazil and has visited many times over the last 25 years. He has a particular interest in and affinity for cultural issues affecting leadership, team effectiveness and talent management.

Most recently, Michael served as Chief Human Resources Officer for a multi-billion dollar enterprise. In that role he had over 400 reports from five departments. Michael’s consulting style is very down-to-earth, relationship oriented and results oriented. He has acquired an intimate understanding of the deep challenges that leaders face translating organizational strategies to practical performance in the workplace. Michael offers insights into language and the cultural dynamics that affect communication, change management and alignment of high level business initiatives with the realities of retention and talent management.


Senior VP — Utility Industry

“Dr. Fleming is a down- to- earth advisor and coach. He has lived through most issues that leaders face. He’s very hands on practical – good listener, straight talker.”

Senior Director — Pharmaceuticals Industry

“Having lived in Latin America and speaking the language, Michael has been a huge help balancing US and Latin approaches to business – especially corporate politics, culture, and communication. That was a big advantage in working with him.”

VP — Pharmaceuticals Industry

“Michael takes the ‘work relationship’ very seriously, but is also a good friend. My wife and I had dinner with him several times and had good talks. He followed up with me past the term of the coaching engagement. He checks in with ideas and to see how I am doing months, even years after, our formal connection is over. I like that.”

CEO — Health Care Industry

“As a coach, Mr. Fleming uses two approaches that worked well with me: he is very much into real time work – ‘get it done’ strategies, but also keeps us talking about my career goals. He helped me think through what is working for me personally, and what is not. I think a lot about where I am heading in the future and how I can get there. I know that my boss, peer, and subordinate relationships impact my success. He gets that. A smart guy.”