Natalie Renee Parker, MA - Innolect, Inc.

Natalie Renee Parker, MA

Senior Consultant/Executive Coach

Natalie Parker, a Senior Consultant with Innolect Inc., works with leadership teams to design high performance cultures of achievement focusing on talent management and inclusion.

With more nearly twenty years of experience in five different industries, she is regarded as a champion of organizational health. She draws from her skills as both a master facilitator and certified coach to diagnose, build strategy, and drive teams to owning and achieving their improvement initiatives. She is skilled at unearthing the people challenges that effect the organizational bottom-line. She believes that the job of a consultant, facilitator or coach is not to provide an answer, but to use challenging and supportive leadership to help the client confront opportunities with values-based authenticity; by knowing oneself, clients can best recognize the answers within themselves to unearth the solutions to their challenges.

Her ability to quickly garner trust, allows her to get to the heart of key issues and bring a diversity of views to the table to help the team or organization grow. Understanding that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach for organizational interventions, she balances her experience and intuition to create a solution. One key to her success is her ability to excavate unspoken issues through authentic communication and mutual accountability. Her experience in lean manufacturing allows her to guide teams to solutions with a system thinking approach that makes long lasting positive business impact.

Natalie’s last corporate role was leading Talent Development and Diversity at a fin-tech where she designed and delivered key people systems such as performance management, leadership development, succession planning, and engagement. Her philosophy is that diversity shouldn’t be just a program, but more so the metric-driven fabric that is woven throughout all of a company’s people systems. She fundamentally believes that “…by baking in evidence-based Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accession (DEIA) strategies into all of your systems, organizations are able to see the impact of their efforts more evidently in their cultures”.

In her extensive experience she has designed enterprise-wide efforts for performance, leadership development, succession planning, employee coaching, conflict resolution conversations, and accountability management. As a best practice, when implementing new talent management solutions, she helps the organization to identify key performance metrics that include diversity and inclusion.

Natalie has been an adjunct faculty member at Bennett College, where she currently serves as Secretary on the Board of Trustees. Some of her notable clients include Abt Associates, New Indy Container Board, and Platinum Technologies.

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