Rebecca Ripley, M.S. - Innolect, Inc.

Rebecca Ripley, M.S.

Sustainable Legacies Practice Leader, Excursion Learning Practice Leader

To promote lasting legacies, Becky spearheads Innolect’s efforts to partner clients with non-profit organizations that will maximize leaders’ development opportunities. She also leads Innolect’s efforts to create powerful and relevant excursion learning team offsite events.

Given Becky’s positive outlook, it’s only natural that she would rely on appreciative inquiry to build on clients’ past successes. She uses powerful questions to help leaders gain insights about how to successfully balance task-oriented challenges with complex human needs.  While she focuses on leveraging strengths, she also helps clients manage potential derailers. Thanks to her extensive knowledge of creativity and innovation, she is a problem solving partner who surfaces the root cause of thorny issues and then uses objectivity and intuition to identify lasting solutions.

In addition to her extensive facilitation and training experience, Becky coaches others in how to improve their work climate for maximum inclusion, productivity and profitability.  Her supportive, questioning approach has resulted in positive career changes and enhanced individual, team, and business results. Clients include Moen, USF&G, Pfizer, Entergy, Best Software, FedEx, Freightliner, DHS, Whirlpool, Bank of America, TJX, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Federal Reserve Board and Pepsi.

Co-author of Leadership Coaching — The Fast Track to Effectiveness and a pocket book on creativity, Winning by Thinking Around, Becky sees every day as a fresh canvas of possibility, whether it’s new opportunities for her clients or her own watercolor paintings. She gives back to her community in a number of ways including pro bono work with non-profit organizations and building homes for Habitat for Humanity.


Amy Jo Young, Global OD/OE Leader, Moen Inc.

"I’ve hired Becky Ripley on several projects. Her depth of expertise in a variety of areas, including leadership development, organizational effectiveness, cultural change, and team development, is unmatched. She asks insightful questions to efficiently and accurately identify the root causes of specific challenges. Her design skills, which are grounded in solid theory, result in pragmatic, systemic solutions to complex business challenges. The icing on the cake is that she is absolutely delightful! I look forward to the next time I need a highly skilled, insightful consultant so I can hire Becky for the work."

Manager, Federal Reserve Board

“My company hired Ms. Ripley to help me transition from a ‘bleeding-edge, fast-paced and project oriented’ environment to a ‘collaborative and supportive’ environment. I had to learn the new environment quickly, adopt a new style and continue quality delivery while improving my organization’s technology. She used her analytical and observational power to study the situation and then created a coaching process tailor-made to my style. She listened to me, collected feedback from my environment, and helped me gain an appreciation for the collaborative culture. Ms. Ripley did not suggest that I sacrifice my current quality or modify the existing traits that had worked for me so far, but rather helped me learn new skills and behaviors that are helping me succeed in the new environment.”

Kathy Lamkin, HR Director, Stewart Enterprises, Inc.

“Becky is a long-time trusted consultant spanning two employers (Radiofone and Stewart Enterprises).  With Radiofone, we were faced with establishing a human resources function.  Given that I had very little HR experience at the time, we retained Becky who very quickly and thoroughly assessed the Company’s HR needs and produced a proposal which reflected exactly the areas that needed to be addressed — spot on! She then delivered solutions which not only met our needs, but surpassed them.  With Stewart Enterprises, we engaged Becky for several strategic and talent management initiatives from team-building to instructional design and delivery.  She is a proven innovator and a pleasure to work with.”

Becki Gentry, HR Manager, DHS Systems

"Becky Ripley has helped our management team develop and successfully deal with growth and change over the last 10 years. We grew from a small “Mom & Pop” operation to over 500 employees. She has conducted group leadership training, conflict resolution training, and has provided individual coaching to help us work through some thorny issues. Becky is well respected for her ability to put people at ease by listening well and understanding the employee’s point of view. She maintains a professional, objective approach to all, interjecting much needed humor where appropriate."

Manager, Health Care Industry

“Becky was fantastic! She’s knowledgeable, confident, and presented information clearly, while making the content fun. I’m leaving with new ideas and a fresh perspective.”

Senior Training Specialist, Retail Industry

“Becky is a dynamic, energetic facilitator whose talents we exclusively use to teach our Human Resources Generalist class. Participants consistently rave about her professional presence, approachability and facilitation style that truly adds to the learning process. We have partnered with her for the past 5 years to and will continue this alliance as long as she will have us.”

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