Steven Holt - Innolect, Inc.

Steven Holt

Senior Consultant / Executive Coach

Steven offers insights gained during 20+ years of senior management, human resources, organizational effectiveness consulting, and executive leadership coaching experience.   His innovative and creative style inspires optimism and allows clients to apply a new lens to current situations. His active listening skills, probing questions, as well as support and encouragement all help clients seize opportunities to try out new behaviors to meet their immediate and long-term goals. He motivates clients to see that tangible change is possible within individuals and across organizations. Through his consulting, coaching and experiential learning workshops, Steven demonstrates how the past can be a powerful springboard to achieve something new — now. He enjoys working with clients who are ready to create a culture that supports their goals.

Steven has served on the adjunct faculty at Boston University’s Graduate School of Management in the Department of Organizational Behavior. He has lectured at Boston College, Harvard University, Queen’s College of the City of New York, and Tufts University. As a Boston Globe travel correspondent, he covered the over-wintering sites of the monarch butterflies in the mountains of Mexico. This world traveler has hiked 250 miles in the Himalayas of Nepal as well as the Milford Trek in New Zealand–and conducted research on South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings.

“Steven is remarkable in his ability to inspire optimism that change for the better really is possible.  He found the perfect balance of offering me support and challenge to help propel me forward in my career and help me lead my team to unexpected new places.”

Senior Executive, Fortune 100 Consumer Goods Company

“During our work together, I learned a great deal from Steven’s creative insights and practical pragmatism.  I found both qualities just what I needed in examining my own strengths and what was required to set and meet even higher standards for myself and my team.  Our work together was perspective shifting, uplifting, and extremely beneficial.”

Senior Leader, Management Consulting Firm

“Steven Holt is simply the most gifted and agile facilitator of process with whom I have had the pleasure of working.  He is intuitive, learned, personable and creative.  Indeed, it is his creative instincts and utterly brilliant skills in group dynamic leadership and complex problem solving that allow him to meet each person or group ‘where they are’ and then facilitate a process that allows them to reach their ‘desired outcome.’  He has helped me harness the creative insights and energy of staff, board members and the public — serving me and my entire organization very well, for which I am exceedingly grateful.”

General Manger, Public Radio Station

“Among Steven’s many gifts is his ability to be a clear communicator.  On many occasions I have experienced a deepening of my thoughts and feelings as a result of Steven’s exquisite listening skills.  He also expresses bold and strong opinions of his own, and somehow those do not preclude him from being able to hear, encourage, and value other’s ideas.  I have never seen anyone use models and frameworks so agilely and simply.  He is a strong leader, an excellent collaborator, and loves playing in the innovative/creative ‘sandbox.’   Ideas are important to him.  He’s someone who easily holds many moving parts to a process in his mind.  He is compassionate, open minded and smart.  He has the remarkable talent of keeping front of mind what the ultimate goal or objective is and yet, somehow, he stays fully present to the current moment of process.  In one of the models I use in my work, as it relates to coaching, I encourage executives to be Present, Caring, Inspiring, and Rigorous.  Steven exemplifies each of these qualities.”

Senior Consultant, World-wide Leadership Development Training Firm