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Teetering on the Edge…work life balance

The Wii Fit balance board reads movements to check your center of balance as well as your ability to balance on one foot. Your center of balance has a lot to do with your health, and those with an uneven center of balance often unnaturally compensate. How you compensate influences your posture and puts strain on your body.

Similarly, business leaders wonder “What determines a work-life center of balance?” During times of business upheaval, career moves, or family crises, many leaders picture themselves teetering on one foot as they manage competing priorities. Teetering between work and home, they struggle to stabilize and catch up with an escalating number of work assignments, as they inevitably experience home-life wobbles with disappointed loved ones, friends and children.

Yet, what is “balanced” varies from person to person and is determined by many factors, including energy level, personal goals, activities that stimulate and resources available at any given time. Trying to schedule an equal number of hours between work and home is not realistic. Balance varies over time. The right balance for you today may be different tomorrow based on personal choices such as new roles, new family members, or timing your retirement.

To learn more and determine your own “center of balance,” read: Balancing ‘ACTS’: Help Employees Understand and Reduce Stress, by Kittie W. Watson, Ph.D., SHRM 2011.