The Cost of Bad Behavior: How Incivility Is Damaging Your Business and What to Do About It

By Christine Pearson and Christine Porath

Have you observed any of the following behaviors in your company?

 – Forwarding other’s emails to make them look bad?
– Taking credit for other’s work or efforts?
– Failing to say “please” or “thank you”?
– Withholding information?
– Showing little interest or not listening to other’s opinions?
– Leaving a mess for others to clean up?
– Failing to return phone calls or respond to email?

If so, you have witnessed the “new normal” in workplace bad behavior and disrespect. With tensions running high, rude behavior between co-workers, in meetings, and across the globe is increasing. As many as 96% of employees claim that they have been treated uncivilly at work while 48% report uncivil treatment at least once per week. Leaders who shrug off warning signals fail to realize how much incivility is costing them in lowered productivity, higher job stress, managing conflicts, and employee turnover. Pearson and Porath use compelling research and specific examples to demonstrate the devastating toll bad behavior has on individuals, teams, and organizations. Fortunately, they also reveal strategies for companies to use to stop incivility, build respect, and achieve more productive workplaces.

Best Wishes,
The Innolect Team