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Understanding the Invisible Line

There exists an Invisible Line which separates prospective buyers and hopeful sellers at the onset of the Sales Cycle. The seller’s goal is to get the buyer to step across the Invisible Line to hear more about their product/service. Once a buyer steps over that line, the relationship moves toward a partnership as the seller offers a solution.

How do professional salespeople succeed in moving clients from their “buyer beware” attitude to one of partnership?

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

Professional salespeople know the importance of this famous quote by Stephen Covey. “Understanding is gained through Active Listening”, including focused attention on what the client is saying, using open-ended questions and active body language that supports dialogue.

Demonstrate Value.

Once the client has been heard and understood, “selling” becomes a matter of demonstrating that the product/service fulfills the client’s need or desire. The value must be realized before the client can justify costs or resources.

With numerous sales obstacles in today’s marketplace, professional salespeople must eliminate The Invisible Line as early in the sales cycle as possible. Knowing that, is a crucial step to closing the sale.

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