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Veterans in Business


Veterans Offer Unique Talents and Capabilities…

Veterans Add Value and Live High-Integrity Values…

Recruit, Onboard, Develop and RETAIN Veterans

Military veterans bring valuable experience and expertise along with strong core values and discipline. Each military veteran-teambranch prepares leaders with world-class training emphasizing:

  • Teamwork, communication, and focus on people
  • Organization, planning, and resource management
  • Setting goals and motivating others
  • A highly developed sense of ethics and commitment
  • The ability to remain calm under pressure

Research from Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families reports that veterans possess three important characteristics that help companies excel:

  1. Resiliency
  2. Advanced team building skills
  3. Strong organization commitment
What Resources Accelerate Veteran Assimilation?

The concept of strength through unity and teamwork is woven into the collective fabric of each military service. Innolect is uniquely positioned to help veterans navigate the whitewater of organizational life. We augment (or develop) services that leverage relationships and collaboration to ease the transition from military to corporate professional:veteran-logos

  • Onboarding
  • Mentoring
  • Executive Coaching
  • High Potential Leadership Cohort Programs
  • Sustainable Legacies® Programs
What is Innolect’s Approach?

Innolect’s Methods and Tools:

  • Prepare  employees for increasing levels of responsibility and success
  • Provide  leaders with innovative ways to network, adapt and enhance their potential
  • Help leaders develop strategies to adapt their leadership style and apply their expertise to diverse corporate functions, from accounting and marketing to HR and operations
  • Assist agencies as they consider the broad diversity of cultures, roles and experiences of employees

says-military-leadersFor more information, contact:
    Michael Perry, Ph.D.
    Veteran Practice Leader

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