Veterans in Business

Growing-LeadersEnsure Veterans add value to your organization…

  • Build a pipeline of stellar veteran leaders
  • Prepare managers to develop and retain veterans
  • Integrate veterans from different branches of service
  • Overcome unconscious bias or stereotypes

For decades, employers have found a skilled pipeline of talent in former military service members. Today’s veterans are among the most well-trained in history, veteran-deschaving volunteered to serve during one of the most tumultuous times in recent memory. Veterans are exceptionally adaptable and capable performers in dynamic environments. Remarkably, the transition to corporate culture can be a daunting test for veterans, despite the myriad challenges they’ve overcome during their military careers. Corporate leaders who appreciate the distinctive skills veterans bring, and who successfully bridge the passage between military and corporate culture, attain an astounding source of talent.

Veterans often desire engagement that appreciates their unique experiences and considers the seismic shift underway between work cultures. Forward-thinking corporate leaders who want to accelerate integration and mitigate attrition, understand the importance of positioning veterans for success and providing them with resources to:

veteran-logosNavigate new cultures, systems, and ways of getting things done

  • Shift from military to corporate language, mindsets, and operations
  • Explore and clarify their career trajectory and personal aspirations
  • Translate their personal skills and assets to current roles
  • Build genuine working relationships in a less-formal environment
What Key Skills and Capabilities do Veterans Offer?

Military veterans bring valuable experience and expertise along with strong core values and discipline. Each military veteran-teambranch prepares leaders with world-class training emphasizing:

  • Teamwork, communication, and focus on people
  • Organization, planning, and resource management
  • Setting goals and motivating others
  • A highly developed sense of ethics and commitment
  • The ability to remain calm under pressure

Research from Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families reports that veterans possess three important characteristics that help companies excel:

  1. Resiliency
  2. Advanced team building skills
  3. Strong organization commitment
What Resources Accelerate Veteran Assimilation?

The concept of strength through unity and teamwork is woven into the collective fabric of each military service.veteran-resources Innolect is uniquely positioned to help veterans navigate the whitewater of organizational life. We augment (or develop) services that leverage relationships and collaboration to ease the transition from military to corporate professional:

  • Onboarding
  • Mentoring
  • Executive Coaching
  • High Potential Leadership Cohort Programs
  • Sustainable Legacies® Programs
What is Innolect’s Approach?

Innolect’s Methods and Tools:

  • Prepare veteran employees for increasing levels of responsibility and success
  • Provide veteran leaders with innovative ways to network, adapt and enhance their potential
  • Help veterans develop strategies to adapt their leadership style and apply their expertise to diverse corporate functions, from accounting and marketing to HR and operations
  • Assist corporations as they consider the broad diversity of cultures, roles and experiences of the veterans they recruit

says-military-leadersFor more information, contact:
    Randy Chittum, Ph.D.
    Learning® Lead