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What 6 Case Studies Say About Our Results

At Innolect, our Innovative Intelligence℠ approach is the foundation for all of our services, books, and assessments. Our green “O” symbolizes our commitment to infuse fresh, creative, innovative ideas into everything we do. Designed by global thought leaders, our methodologies are manifested in collaboration with others and represent the synergy of learning and change. Using theories and concepts from the applied behavioral sciences, including human and group development, social psychology, organization development and adult learning, our approach triggers the inherent curiosity, creativity and courage of individuals and organizations. 

Most importantly, our approach has been demonstrated time and time again to show real, lasting measurable results for leaders, teams and organizations. We help:

  • Reduce turnover costs – reduced from 24% to 11% with healthcare client
  •  Increase employee engagement – increased engagement to top quartile with utility client
  • Decrease grievances & litigation risk – decreased grievances to zero st manufacturing site
  •  Retain and develop top talent – after coaching 95% of leaders retained and/or promoted in financial services institution
  • Fast-track onboarding and cultural integration – time reduced from 18 to 12 months with pharmaceutical client
  • Address skill gaps and war for talent – transformational leadership training received net 6.8 of 7.0 promoter score from senior US Military Officers

For specific examples and case studies, visit https://innolectinc.com/about-us/case-studies/ 

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