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What Does a Successful Team Look Like?

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Michael Jordan


When a group is running full steam ahead, with all talent aligned toward a specific goal, the energy is palpable. You can feel when a team is successful, but what does a successful team look like? Which of the following characteristics describe your organization?


Specialized Talent

Great teams combine the talents of a diverse group of specialists. Each member has in-depth knowledge of their area of expertise and understands its best practices. As a result of this clarity, the onboarding process goes more smoothly and quickly; each team member knows what is expected of them. Specialists take their sphere of knowledge and bring it to life. Within the team, multiple specialists create an environment where each contribution improves the group effort.


Enthusiastically Engaged

In order to maintain an engaged team where all members are enthusiastically focused on reaching a goal or completing a project, communication and collaboration are key. Beginning with you, the team’s communication should be open, candid, and focused on not just getting the work done but on moving the business forward. With good communication systems in place and plenty of opportunities to give feedback, your team maintains a strong support system built on both accountability and trust.


Consistently Driven

When your team is consistently driven to reach goals, deadlines are not only par for the course but are met with enthusiasm. By openly acknowledging the important contributions of team members and highlighting the benefits of their labor, you can help maintain a consistently driven energy not just for one project but for all team and organization-wide goals.



As a leader, it is vital that you consider team dynamics so that the overall performance grows across the team and the organization at large. Bring teams together in a way that facilitates honest, productive discussion. Whether you have one-on-one conversations with individual team members or small break-out groups, ensure everyone is given time to contribute to the conversation and shown that their contribution has value. Celebrate individual and team successes.


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