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What Leadership Mindset Shifts will Benefit You in 2022?

At the start of every new year, many of us look for ways to improve our personal lives. As a leader, focusing some of this energy on improving the work lives of your employees is equally important. Small adjustments can have a huge impact on the work culture. Below, we have outlined a handful of mindset shifts that can make you a better leader–and generate the added benefit of being valuable outside of the workplace.


Make This a Year of Recognition

Frequent genuine recognition is one of the most important steps to creating a great place to work. From interns to senior executives, every member of your team appreciates knowing that their contributions are valued. Make space for heartfelt acknowledgements during team meetings and/or in company emails, and you’ll witness how team productivity accelerates.


Build an Attitude of Gratitude

An important element of a mindset of recognition is an attitude of gratitude. Expressions of gratitude rank high as one of a leader’s most powerful resources, yet it is often underutilized. Research overwhelmingly reveals that expressing gratitude is critical for the well-being of individuals and teams. In 2022, do not overlook opportunities to celebrate successes, acknowledge contributions and show appreciation for the people who are behind your organization’s success.


Create Gratitude Traditions

During each team meeting, take a few minutes to not only recognize the contributions of each team member but to also express gratitude for those contributions. Be explicit and ask others to join in. By building this attitude of gratitude within your work culture, you will witness a renewed vigor in your team.


Celebrate Growth & Small Improvements

Personal growth does not happen overnight. Shift your thinking to not only recognize growth but facilitate it. This can come in an array of forms, from providing enhanced professional development opportunities to mentorship programs and everything in between. Shift and grow your growth mindset by consistently asking yourself:

  • “What growth opportunities am I providing to my team?”
  • “How can I improve upon those?”
  • “How can I ensure that we celebrate our individual and collective learning?”


How Can Innolect Help?

Creating a shift in your leadership mindset that is focused on recognition, gratitude, growth and celebration can transform your team’s work culture (as well as yourself). At Innolect, we are known for helping our clients “Think Differently.” We help build the foundation for you to bring your best self to work, and we thrive on growing the leader in everyone. 

To set up a consultation or training, contact us today. Additionally, our products and assessments help leaders develop the skills and capabilities needed to grow.

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