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How Can You Stimulate Thinking?

Leaders are racing from one task to another. Pressured to make up for lost time and focused on staying ahead of the competition. Seeking the next great idea to implement, and wondering how to keep stretched teams engaged and aligned.

Leaders who have little or no time to step back and strategize about next steps often fall back on stale approaches and routine thoughts. Focusing a team on innovative solutions to thorny problems requires leaders who allow for and make time to think.

Effective leaders stimulate new thinking and creative insight by slowing down to–go fast–with greater confidence and success.

Leaders often need tools to help during the discovery process. Innolect, who is committed to equipping leaders to reach their ultimate potential, uses Innovative Intelligence Methodology to promote fresh thinking and mindful action. For years, we’ve used our own Zoom Deck, a powerful set of question cards, to jump-start the process. Zoom to the Power of 10 is available to help teams diverge (Zoom Out) and converge (Zoom In) when facing complex challenges.

Use the Zoom Deck to:
1. Stimulate Curiosity and Wonder
2. Gain Insight
3. Pursue Innovation
4. Encourage Risk-taking
5. Act with Commitment

Order your copy of the Zoom to the Power of 10 here.