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Employees Have Left the Building

It’s the time of year when many companies plan off-sites for leaders and teams. Sure, a change of scenery can be good for morale, break down silos, forge alliances and shake up people’s thinking, but company leaders wonder whether or not taking employees away from the office is worth the investment. They ask:

  • Do we have to spend a lot of money on fancy adventure venues to get people engaged?
  • Will a golf outing translate into higher sales and increase productivity?
  • What will capture our imagination and make a lasting difference in our performance?
  • How can we gain commitment for on-the-job follow-up and post-offsite success?

According to the HBR article, Off-Sites That Work, by Bob Frisch and Logan Chandler (June 2006), “off-sites collectively cost U.S. companies hundreds of millions of dollars annually in salaries alone.” Successful off-sites are carefully orchestrated and bring people together around a common cause, while building trust and cohesion among participants. Without diligent preparation, expert facilitation and a powerful debriefing experience, employees may have a fun day away from the office without making the positive connections to their real work. To insure your off-site achieves its full potential and intended payoffs, design your off-site experience with:

  • A clear picture of your desired outcomes;
  • Input from participants prior to the event;
  • A memorable venue for future reference; and
  • A facilitator who challenges assumptions and asks provocative questions.

Innolect’s Excursion Learning℠  events offer distinctive venues and behind the scene support to jumpstart strategic initiatives and accelerate potential applications for success. To learn more about the benefits of Excursion Learning℠  designs and experiences, write to Becky Ripley. Ask for our capability statement, success stories or schedule a free consultation.