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Change Doesn't Stick

Change doesn’t stick

By Kittie Watson | June 15, 2011

Even with a strong business case for change, many leaders are surprised and frustrated when employees revert to old habits and continue using outdated systems and processes. Changing behavior takes more than an appeal to the intellect.

“Us” versus “Them”

By Kittie Watson | May 17, 2011

While employees may resist diversity training, they are drawn to practical information about how to work with those who are different. They want effective work relationships. Building diversity and inclusion as a pillar of your business strategy better prepares you to anticipate and design future-ready solutions.


Outside Looking In…

By Kittie Watson | March 31, 2011

Many employees view themselves as on the “outside looking in.” They feel disconnected rather than motivated and engaged. Innolect’s flip-focus guide, OutsideIN: Tips for Building and Engaging and Inclusive Environment can help.

Do you experience innovation disconnect?

By Kittie Watson | November 18, 2010

The shifting demands of a hyper-connected world challenges and requires a deep personal understanding of when to take action, when to stand firm, when to leverage bottom-up ideas, and when to lead from the inside-out.

Zoom… zoom.. zoom

By Kittie Watson | October 19, 2010

Innolect, committed to equipping leaders to reach their ultimate potential, uses Innovative Intelligence methodology to promote fresh thinking and mindful action. Our Zoom Deck, a powerful set of question cards, can jump-start the process.

behavior of employees

The Cost of Bad Behavior: How Incivility Is Damaging Your Business and What to Do About It

By Kittie Watson | September 1, 2010

Leaders who shrug off warning signals fail to realize how much incivility is costing in lowered productivity, higher job stress, managing conflicts, and employee turnover.

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