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Jackie Robinson

Unwritten Rules: Courage to ACT

By Kittie Watson | June 18, 2013

Good leaders understand and play by the written rules of their organization. Yet, a company’s unwritten rules are the ones that most influence employee behavior.

Pay it forward

Paying it Forward

By Kittie Watson | May 8, 2013

Small acts of kindness create momentum to build more positive workplaces and better the world. The ICU nursing team at Carolinas Medical Center understood the intensity faced by their counterparts at Mass General Hospital after the Boston Marathon bombing.

Trust in the Workplace

Communication 101: Back to Basics

By Kittie Watson | February 18, 2013

We live in the age of information overload. Yet, after years of connecting with and getting information to people instantaneously, there is a yearning to get back to communication basics.


Drive…What’s Your Passion?

By Kittie Watson | November 26, 2012

When is the last time you followed your heart and passion? When have you embraced your innate curiosity, playfulness and joy that you experienced as a child? What about work? When is the last time you felt compelled by your contributions or inspired to achieve more?

Let's Get Vertical eBlast

Let’s Get Vertical

By Kittie Watson | September 18, 2012

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexity you face at work? Are you hearing feedback that you need to be “more strategic”? Current leadership research suggests two types of leadership development: horizontal and vertical.

The Blame Game

By Kittie Watson | August 16, 2012

Headlines are filled with accusations casting blame for misfortune. An unfortunate and unintended consequence of leaders who place blame and fail to tolerate mistakes is that they create cultures that stifle experimentation, innovation, risk-taking and initiative.

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