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Coaching – Your Fast Track to Career Gold!

By Kittie Watson | June 7, 2012

Deciding how, what method of coaching and who to engage as a coach can be challenging. Innolect’s NEW book, Leadership Coaching: The Fast Track to Effectiveness, answers questions and describes principles the Innolect coaching community uses to ensure their coaching partners make the most of their coaching investment.

Never Stop Improving

Never Stop Improving!

By Kittie Watson | May 16, 2012

Rather than thinking about a legacy as the last stage of a career, consider a legacy as the story that is being written each day of a leader’s working life. A leader’s daily contributions become the words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters of the legacy penned by their own hands.


Positive Psychology at Work

By Kittie Watson | March 21, 2012

Leaders thrive by bringing out the best in people. When individuals and teams feel appreciated, their commitment, creativity, and productivity can soar. Some leaders fear that being overly positive can also lead to poor performance if there is no room for criticism. Can you be too positive?


Communication Assets: Speakers vs. Listeners

By Kittie Watson | March 20, 2012

Consider some of the great communicators — Martin Luther King, Meg Whitman, Ronald Reagan, Suze Orman…those who inspire, influence and persuade. What do they have in common? They all possess at least one unique communication asset.

Adapting to Listener Preferences

By Kittie Watson | December 29, 2011

Most of us don’t think about changing the way that we listen, yet listening would be more efficient and enjoyable if we did. One difficulty that listeners have is getting in the habit of listening in only one way in every listening situation.

Appreciation and the Science of Gratitude

By Kittie Watson | December 7, 2011

What can you do to energize yourself and your team? One way we can cultivate happiness is through the expression of gratitude and generosity.

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